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Physical dimensions:
Used materials: bronze, stone, welded metal, wood.
Has executed 66 works.
The sculpture of the smallest dimensions 8,4 x 7,7 x9,3 cm “Chei de Bolta”/ “Keystones”.
The sculpture of the biggest dimensions 4,5 meters (the monument of Stephan the Great from Anenii Noi).
His works are exhibited in two restaurants of Chisinau City.
Participant to over 60 personal and group exhibitions - over 30 sold works.
Sold 4 variants of the sculpture “Gratie I” and 4 of the work “Pasarea din Noi” / “The Bird within us”.
He sold a work that was awarded as a prize within the framework of the International Film Festival “Cronograf”.
One stolen work in Chisinau and another one disappeared on its way from Wiesbaden (Germany).
Does not follow the destiny of his works.
Artistic dimensions :
Creates modern sculpture.
Characterized by combining the creative and geometric, men and animals (birds).
Prefers: asymmetric rhythms, deformations and stylizations.
Is more interested in the power of expression then in the beauty of expression.
Uses in an unexpected way the materials in order to give life to the ideas.
Social dimension :
Adept of the concept of urban cultural education.
Has promoted the idea and the notion of “Park Sculpture” in the Republic of Moldova.
Organizer of two open air exhibitions in Chisinau
Organizer of 4 sculpture symposiums and open air at Ungheni, Criuleni and Soroca.
Spatial dimensions :
Works in a studio located on
1, Dokuceaev St., ap. 3,
MD-2028, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Tel: +373 2 722095 or 722195 (studio)
GSM: +373 69173573
Web site:
Believes that a visit in a workshop is a communication on experience not just a visit.

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